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Google Play Gift Card 10$ - USA

Google Play Gift Card 10$ - USA


Google Play Gift Card of 10$ USD for American (USA) accounts ONLY!

Attention! Since the keys are promotional, the seller guarantees the 100% operability of the key only at the time of its transfer to the buyer! For further fate (activation after some long time, transfer of the key to third parties, etc.) the seller is not responsible!

Activation from computer:
1. Log in to your account at or create new account.
2. Input code of the card and tap Redeem

Activation from Android device:
1. Open Play Market
2. The Play Store menu button is on the upper left corner.
3. Tap on Redeem.
4. type in your Google Play gift card code (the one seen here is obviously not real), and hit Redeem



788,94 руб.

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